Satoshi Working on the Orange Pill


Oh, the great mystery of Satoshi Nakomoto. After discovering Bitcoin, the second biggest gift Satoshi gave to humanity was staying anonymous.

In this drawing Satoshi is working on his Orange Pill. Just like Morpheus’ pills in Matrix, the orange pill removes the veil and allows people to see that they have been living in a fabricated reality, a prison for the mind created by governments to bind its citizens from the truth that the game has been rigged in their favor. The orange pill helps people open their eyes and take a step in the direction towards financial freedom.

Orange Pill is a peaceful revolution, a few main ingredients of the pill are the NgU technology, sound money, scarcity and stock to flow.


Please note that this is an original drawing, serial number 0000, once this drawing is sold, the artist will create other drawings like this, but they are all hand drawings so no two drawings will be exact copies (this image is a scan of the exact copy being sold). The artist is in the process of creating a painting from this exact drawing and affordable prints from this exact drawing.            

Important: Each following version will be $100 more expensive. We do not offer any promo codes or discounts and we are not selling any art outside of this website.

The price includes shipping to anywhere in the world, however any customs and/or taxes are the responsibility of the customer to pay for. All customers are responsible for ensuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country that you request it to be shipped.

The frame is NOT included, art is shipped in custom mailing tubes. 


Inches: 11.81 x 12.99
Millimeters: 300 x 330

OpSec disclosure: Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery time inside the US and up to 3 weeks on international orders.

Authenticity bonus: All items will include a digital receipt verifiable on Bitcoin blockchain.

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