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Bitcoin Centurion (1 of 1) Proof -of-Sale

Address: 1LLgPrbLuPNepHxELDhoor9iuiyGsaP7nj
Filename: centurion-swehodl.pdf (download)
Sha256 checksum: 13ee6d644ae1f80595ec600a5e344d737ffb0abfdaf3a9d24a1b5cc2e8e022e5

Art Type: Original drawing
Art ID: Bitcoin Centurion (1 of 1)
Buyer ID: @swehodl
Sold on: June 1, 2021
Sold at:
TXID: DDD7F3104B34B4CB48B3AD0F35BC734A 4BDA16578B532CE5AC6B8DF816D89962

Signature: IFhtAaUO5IGhvdYhpsrsozDI/LBZX7wilxi+JPu8kB7JZXnNkZa26azQkaNGknmTYsUHj9zyGf7XSimqZ/vr/R0=

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