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Satoshi Working on the Orange Pill SN0000 Proof -of-Sale

Address: 1LLgPrbLuPNepHxELDhoor9iuiyGsaP7nj
Filename: certificate-btcordie-satoshi.pdf (download)
Sha256 checksum: 2b1a95a8cd7296828f7cb8c9a1a27821ce2e7b4d25fbd4cb214166ab5f74d9ff

Art Type: Original drawing
Art ID: Satoshi Working on the Orange Pill (SN0000)
Buyer ID: Btcordie
Sold on: February 1, 2021
Sold at:
TXID: bf89d35943544d0bed8c7ca223bf6cac6c4152f7655eb36100313ed824a219ca

Signature: IIMy8Ci1aLhQjpMP+TJi46ZN4mNE6P1oPVcktM7xOSmpWVfu78tRAoVm2F1v1sLb/aNaeqRU6PwkhM44vTbSzQI=

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